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राष्ट्रीय सांस्कृतिक संपदा संरक्षण अनुसंधानशाला
National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property

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The National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property (NRLC), established in 1976 under the Ministry of Culture, is the premier organization for the researches in conservation of the cultural property including monuments and sites, as well as museums, library and archive collections.

NRLC achieve its mission through scientific research, education and training, field projects, collaborations and dissemination of information via articles in journals, conferences, workshops, publications and public participations.

NRLC is well equipped with adequate infrastructure and laboratories for material analysis and testing, developing sustainable conservation solutions.

NRLC conduct research on materials composition and on art making techniques, developing methods to slowdown deterioration and prevent further damage, providing information on cause of deterioration and treatment options, devising conservation solutions and assess treatment performance of cultural materials. NRLC Published about 200 research papers in peer reviewed journals of national and international repute and proceedings.

Over the years NRLC grown to 3 campuses, two at Lucknow and one at Mysore. NRLC has produced hundreds of trained conservation professionals. In 2011, NRLC got Deposit Head, for its field projects scheme and with that NRLC has now mandate to undertake conservation works for other private & public and cultural institutions on charge basis. NRLC also completed major conservation projects and some are undergoing.

National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property
N.R.L.C. Training Institute, Sector G, Jankipuram, Lucknow - 226021
E-mail:,  (optional)
Telephone No.: 091-(522)-2735313 (Jankipuram Campus)

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